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Powerful Multirotor Motors
New patented XS appearance is design with excellent industrial vision. The semi-enclosed structure not only effectively prevent sands and sundries from getting into?motor, but also have better effects of ventilation and heat dissipation.

Advanced large-diameter EZO bearings
Advanced Japanese EZO bearings with large diameters ensure each XS motor run?stable, quiet, and have great longevity.

Hand wound
Ultimate manual winding is compact, neat, which ensure low internal resistance,?high efficiency and up to 90% coil space factor, and effectively increase maximum?continuous power of each XS motor.

Sunnysky ultimate manufacturing technology?
With Sunnysky ultimate manufacturing and particular assembling technology, XS?motors are made of great workmanship, precise dimensions, small shaft and radial?runouts. All of these make the motor run smoothly and reliably in the air.?

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